Private Curation

To help you discover the joy of collecting art, HOUSE OF L provides private art consulting services for your home.  Our portfolio features a highly-selective group of established and emerging artists from around the world. Whether you are moving into a new home and you are looking for an eclectic and contemporary style to bring your new space to life or you are a new collector, looking for the perfect piece for a specific space, HOUSE OF L will help you fulfill your vision. Customized to fit your needs, we inspire with trends in design and art to ensure your private environments are extraordinary.


Commercial Curation

HOUSE OF L curates art for business environments to create enjoyable and inspiring, or calming and nurturing work places.  Curation also serves to impress business guests with art that expresses a specific ideology or corporate interest which is an extension of the values of your company and business or commercial brand. Be it the curation of a lobby, open work spaces, private offices, conference rooms, restaurants or guest rooms or commissioning large scale interior and exterior artworks, HOUSE OF L can work with you to bring your vision and company essence to life.


Artistic Curation for Brand Experiences

HOUSE OF L works with your brand to create an immersive, engaging, pop-up art experience.  Through art, music, lighting, specially crafted cocktails, and artistic performances, HOUSE OF L will artistically represent your brand and curate an unforgettable experience.



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