JonOne (b. 1963) is a graffiti artist who moved from a 1980s tagging community in Harlem to a group of graffiti and contemporary artists squatting in an abandoned hospital in Paris. Through the tutelage of the late Anthony Clark (aka A-one) JonOne began to see his activities as art in an elevated sense, and in Paris began to create paintings on canvas alongside his more subversive works. Leveraging the overlap between the Parisian graffiti and contemporary art scene, JonOne rose through the gallery infrastructure of Europe, eventually selling single canvases for tens of thousands of dollars at auction there and in the States. Today, JonOne’s work represents an unlikely and rare bridge between American Abstract Expressionism and the early roots of New York and French hip-hop culture–frenetic, layered compositions, boiling over with rebellious color and bold line.