Private Curation

Customized to fit your needs, we inspire with trends in design and art to ensure your private environments are extraordinary.


Corporate Curation

We curate art for business environments to create enjoyable and inspiring, or calming and nurturing work places.


Brand Experiences

Create an immersive, engaging, pop-up art experience that represents your brand.


Immersive Events

Throughout our events, we not only present commercial art, we are also bringing together industry professionals, educational programming, conceptual art performance and immersive installation to touch on all aspects of the art experience. We are creating an inclusive environment where everyone can have a personal experience with art.


HOUSE OF L officially launched at SXSW 2019 where emerging artists were featured alongside established artists in a three day, immersive art experience.


Featured Artists


Rebecca Russo

Фото 27.04.2016, 19 45 41 (1).jpg

Tasha Alakoz

Tyler Guinn


Mallory Dawn