Doro Hofmann Headshot.jpg

Doro Hofmann and her twin sister were born in Stuttgart, Germany on May 14, 1971 . She grew up in a family of artists and graphic designers; her father is a teacher of art and handicrafts. While her sister went on to mechanical engineering, Doro earned a degree in graphic design and pre-press processing, spending every free minute drawing. While working extreme hours in advertising and retouching photographs, she would continue to take on commissions painting murals and portraits and airbrushing on motorcycles and helmets.

A horseback riding accident forced her to stay home for over 6 weeks, which allowed her to find time to further develop her artistic talent. This was a highly influential period, in which she decided to move to Paris to follow her dream and become a painter.

Initially, she studied fine arts and graphics at a private school, the Freie Kunstschule in Stuttgart. A year later, she was accepted to the Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste, Karlsruhe —one of the most prestigious fine arts academies in Germany. There, she studied with in-resident and internationally known artists, such as Professors Horst Antes, Simone Wester-Winter, Antje Majevski, Corinne Wasmuht, and Franz Ackermann.

Doro Hofmann lives in Los Angeles , California