Augustus Francis (born 1986) carries the lineage of a loose zen flavored American expressionism, born to painters Margaret Smith and the late Sam Francis, the celebrated Ab Ex giant. Like his forbears, Augustus Francis' work demonstrates a deeper interest in formal qualities of color, composition, and movement contrasting with the general thrust of his contemporaries. Yet, again like his father, the young artist is not afraid to use the concerns and philosophies of our time as inspiration (if not entire focus) of his works–a starting point before the power of hue and shape take the wheel. The resulting canvases hint at tense dichotomies: the natural and the artificial, the new and the aging, saturated consumerism and deep spirituality. The works represent the mental hoop-jumping required in navigating the everyday paradoxes, incongruences, and competing demands of today's complex existence. They are the visual analogue to the harmonies and dissonances of life in the new millennium.